Wall of Remembrance

This page is dedicated to players and staff associated with the various senior ice hockey clubs in Hull who have passed away.


Andy Donald

Andy played for the Humberside Seahawks from the 1990 to the 1991/92 season.  He was a much respected and record-breaking Netminder for Humberside.

Image courtesy of Arthur Foster

Ian Defty: 1979-2008

Ian skated for the Kingston Hawks and Hull Thunder as a defender between 1997-2002.  He was a popular player with fans and his passing was marked by a memorial game attended by players from across the world.

Andy Port

Andy iced for the Humberside Hawks (1994/95) and Kingston Hawks (1996/97).  He was also much loved by fans of Telford, Peterborough, Milton Keynes and Solihull where he played with distinction and a warm sense of humour.

Matt Suderman: 1983 – 2016

Matt played for and captained the Hull Stingrays in the 2013/14 season and was an NHL draftee for the Atlanta Thrashers.

Oleg Sinkov: 1965-2018

Oleg was a gifted stick handler who iced for Kingston Hawks 1996/97 and Hull Thunder 2001/02.

Andrei Nikolayev: 1972-2015

Andrei played two seasons with the Hull Stingrays from 2003 and was an accomplished skater and high scoring forward.

Image courtesy of Arthur Foster

Grant Slater

Grant Slater was an uncompromising ice hockey who played over the seasons 1991-1993 for the Humberside Seahawks.  He was a fast skating high impact forward renowned for his hard checks and fearsome fighting skills.
Off the ice, Grant was popular with fans and recorded a number of podcasts, reliving what was a golden age of ice hockey in many ways.


In this section of our commemorative page, we provide a dedication to those fans with a long-term association with the various senior Hull hockey clubs. Where we are able, we have asked for permission to publish these names but in the event you are a relative who wishes to remove the name of your loved one, please email: info@hullseahawks.co.uk

Name Date of Passing Age
Marian Higgins 18th May 2018
Brian Higgins 13th August 2013 78
Joanne Higgins
Beryl Nuttall 10th November 2016 74
Janice Fialkiewicz 8th September 2016 54
Katherine Pashby 9th April 2021
John Dale 4th February 2010 66
Martyn Dale 29th December 2021 53
William ‘Bill’ Carruthers 31st August 2013
Vera Carruthers 13th October 2003
Helge Kristiansen 31st July 2021 72
Gloria Johnson
Ken Jennison 8th June 2015 83
 Paul Towner
Richard ‘Ricky’ Barker 23rd September 2017 53
Neil Frankish 2nd April 2020 50
Ken Lister 25th August 2021 91
Steve Sewell 26th May 2019 61
Tim Dooley 28 December 2020 58
Danny Thomas 2nd January 2022 31
Mark Chillcott 7th February 2016
Norma Foster 26th March 2011 66
Joan Keogh 14th April 2010
Gary Hairsine 11th June 2019
Ron Black 27th August 2016 63
Mary Cox 3rd January 2012 48
Archie Campbell 16th August 1994 59
Micky Lewis 26th December 2020 67
Mavis Bruton 17th March 2011 86
Keith Lister  13th December 2007 75
Heather Lister  4th April 2018 79
Brian Johnson  29th May 2007
Oliver Johnson  19th September 2023 89