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We are pleased to announce that Sam Towner will be the first ever (C)aptain of the Hull Seahawks!

Sam will have just the one alternate with him for the time being to start off the season, that will be teammate Declan Balmer. Towner has worn the ‘A’ many times in his career but never the ‘C’ from the start but Davies & Wilcox are more than confident that he is the right man for the job. He leads by example and is the ultimate role-model on and off the ice which are the exact attributes you look for when deciding your captain, meaning it was an easy decision to make.

The newly appointed captain had this to say about his new role, “Firstly, it’s a massive honour to be named captain of the Hull Seahawks, from been a young fan who used to come and watch the teams in Hull pretty much every week to now being the captain, it does mean a lot to me.

I’m hoping I can lead the team to success in the this season. Currently we have a young hungry group who have a lot of points to prove and I am excited to try and help these players develop but also to push the team forward and hopefully put us into a position where we are competing year in year out for silverware.

Everybody knows exactly what I’ll bring every training session and every game: hard work and intensity. I think that’s the identity we are looking for and I’m really confident the fans will be able to identify with this group of players because of that. I hope we can be a team to be proud of and like I said earlier, it’s a huge honour to be captain of this club.”

Join us in congratulating Sam & Dec on their new leadership roles for the upcoming 22/23 season.