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We are excited to announce Scottish defenceman Ross Connolly, our third defender for the 2022/23 season.

Aged 23, Ross was born in Paisley and trained in Scotland, Canada and USA as a youth.  In the 2021/22 campaign, he iced for the title winning Telford Tigers and has previously played for the London Raiders, Whitley Warriors and Invicta Dynamos.

At 80kg/176lbs in weight and 188 cm / 6’2″ in height, Ross meets the pattern of Matty Davies’s signings.  ‘Ross played on a league winning team last year with Telford and was well coached last year with Tommy Watkins so I know he can fit into a good system. He’s a big lad who plays tough and that’s what I want from my D men. Teams coming into Hull this year will have a tough night and that starts with the D men playing hard every night. Ross is a young guy who takes this job seriously wants to improve and will fit into this team great. Happy to have him on board.’

Ross spoke to us regarding his move to Hull saying ‘After having conversations with Matty, I was sold on coming to Seahawks with his positivity about the team both on and off the ice. I think the team Matty has already signed has huge potential to make an impact on this league and the opportunity to be part of it really excited me. I’m a left handed d-man, good defensively, skates well, reads the play and moves the puck well and I look forward to seeing you all in September!’

Ross will be living in Hull and Matty hopes that fans will quickly warm to him.  ‘We have some young players who we are accommodating in Hull plus Emil of course.  These guys are a long way from home and I want our fans to really welcome them with open arms.  They are great guys and I want them to feel at home in our city.’

Player sponsorship for Ross is now available and his Own and Loan shirt will be auctioned shortly. Please email with your offer.