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NIHL National Cup 2023/24: Semi-Final Teams Announced

NIHL National Cup 2023/24: Semi-Final Teams Announced

The NIHL National Cup 2023/24 is advancing to the semi-finals with four teams set to compete: Leeds Knights, Milton Keynes Lightning, Hull Seahawks, and Swindon Wildcats.

Leeds Knights, finishing first in the qualifiers, chose Hull Seahawks as their semi-final opponents. The first leg of this match will be played in Hull, followed by the second leg in Leeds. The other semi-final will feature Milton Keynes Lightning against Swindon Wildcats, starting in Swindon before moving to Milton Keynes for the second leg.

The semi-finals, consisting of two legs (home and away), promise to showcase competitive ice hockey. Match dates and ticketing details will be released shortly. Completion of the semi-finals is expected by the first week of February, with the winners progressing to the final. The final, also a two-leg match, is scheduled to conclude by the end of February.

Fans are encouraged to follow the updates and support their favourite teams in this exciting phase of the NIHL National Cup.