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The Hull Seahawks have accepted an invitation from Leeds Knights and Sheffield Steeldogs to compete in pre-season challenge games.

These are likely to be the opening fixtures of the Seahawks inaugural season.  The Seahawks play their very first game in Leeds on 03/09/2022 and the following evening on 04/09/2022, we entertain Sheffield Steeldogs back at the Hull Arena.  We play Leeds at home on 10/09/2022 and to finish on 11/09/2022 we play away to Sheffield to conclude the pre-season tournament.

Leeds Knights v Hull Seahawks – Saturday 3rd September (Face-off TBC)

Hull Seahawks v Sheffield Steeldogs – Sunday 4th September (Face-off TBC)

Hull Seahawks v Leeds Knights – Saturday 10th September (Face-off TBC)

Sheffield Steeldogs v Hull Seahawks – Sunday 11th September (Face-off TBC)

Ian Mowforth, Hull Seahawks GM Commercial, believes that these will be sell out matches. ‘Support for the new Seahawks has been truly overwhelming and we cannot wait for the first game.  It will be a historic night given we have had to wait 29 years for the return of our beloved Seahawks.’

With the league season’s start set back because of various issues, these games allow fans to see the new Seahawks much earlier than expected.  Matty Davies added ‘The season starts quite late so we had looked at various challenge games but wanted something with greater purpose.  Make no mistake, these might be pre-season matches but friendlies?  I have never known a game against Sheffield Steeldogs ever to be called that.  In my view there is no such thing as a friendly against any Yorkshire team, especially when bragging rights are at stake.’

Ian concluded ‘I also believe that the opening game will be exciting as it is nostalgic and moving.  The interest is so high that we are having to consider making it an all-ticket event given the likely demand.  The games are additional to those on the season pass, so all supporters should try to book online or enrol for the Hull Culture and Leisure member’s card, which allows them to access the online booking system, store their details and even book several games at once.  If there are any tickets available on the night, we can sell these over the counter but to avoid disappointment I would recommend supporters try one of the online methods first.’

The booking system can be accessed via the link on our website under