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Hull Seahawks Season Pass 2022/23 Season

How do I get a Hull Seahawks Season Pass for the 2022/23 season?
Print off the Season Pass application form by clicking on the link below and click the ‘Season Passes Application Form’ grey button.
If you don’t have access to a printer, kindly ask the Hull Arena staff to print you off a copy.


How do I fill in the Season Pass Application Form?

Remember if you have been a previous season ticket holder, tick the white box in the big red box at the top of the page stating you want to reserve your former seat(s).

Fill out all the contact details for everyone who is wanting a season ticket in your application.

Once you’ve filled out the contact details move down to the ‘Price Structure’ heading, this reminds you what games are included in your season pass and what games aren’t included on your season pass.
In the Price Structure section, you need to number the correct quantity of season passes you would like for each row; this should then match up with the number of contact details you’ve filled out in the section above.
When that has been done, you then need to work out the total cost and put that figure in the end column. The final thing you need to fill in is the grand total row down in the right bottom corner of the table which will be the total amount for all the season passes you are wanting to buy for this season.

Remember if you are buying a Concession season pass, you need to present photo ID to the arena staff when making payment.


When can I hand in my Season Sass Application Form and make payment?

You can only take your filled in Season Pass Application Form to the Hull Arena and make payment from Thursday 14th July and NOT before this date as it won’t be accepted by HCAL.
After you’ve handed in your pass, your photo has been taken and your ID has been confirmed you will then be issued your unique and collectable pass card (credit card size) and pass holder’s number.


What do I do if my regular seat has already been allocated?
Existing pass holders, we have none of the Pirates’ records to verify who was a former pass holder.  If you find your regular seat has already been allocated, make you’re your journey isn’t wasted by selecting the closest possible seats to your old ones and then please email with proof of your former pass holder status as soon as you can so we can help facilitate your request.


Can I pay for my 2022/23 Season Pass in instalments?
Unfortunately, not this season. Due to time restraints, it has not been possible to implement this in time. So, for the 2022/23 season it will be one payment in full to receive your season pass(es).


What should I do if I can’t remember the Row & Seat Number where my Season Pass was?
Simply leave this section temporarily blank and when you get to the ice arena to hand in your application form to reception, kindly ask the member of staff if you can walk through to the rink to double check your seat number and row before adding it in to complete your application form.

If you have any more questions, please email us at or direct message any of our social media pages. Our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages can be found by using this link –