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Hull Seahawks today announced the signing of National League star forward Emil Švec.

This is yet another statement signing for the fledgling Hull Seahawks and adds weight to Matty Davies’ assertion that he is assembling a credible team capable of making an impact on the league.

Last season, Emil played for Swindon, amassing an impressive points total. Aged 27, Emil was born in Milevsko in the Czech Republic. His height is 193cm/6’4’’ and weight 92kg/203lbs. Matty Davies commented, ‘I have a particular forward profile in mind. Height and weight is going to be an important part of that and Emil fits my vision perfectly. He is not only a huge physical presence but also skilful with a killer shot. He has posted good stats in some impressive leagues around Europe and I think he will be a massive fan’s favourite.’

There have already been four impressive signings to date, all of whom have EIHL or European league experience but Matty is pressing on with recruiting the backbone of his squad. ‘Recruitment is very difficult, particularly over visas and non-UK players. Post Brexit it is far from simple to recruit players and we have had many knockbacks. But Emil was always in our sights and I am so excited to have him on board. He is a great character and fans will flock to see him.’

Some fans were expecting to see familiar faces return. ‘There will be some former Hull players back in the squad and I am pleased.  These are guys I have known and played alongside for years so I want them but only because they have fit my plan for how this team will play. More announcements are due over the next few weeks and I hope to have the club captain signed up before the Fans Forum at the Hull Ice Arena on 23rd June.’

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