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Thank You Ian

We are sad to announce that GM Commercial, Ian Mowforth, is to step down from his role as he concentrates on personal and business commitments.

Ian has the following message to you, the Seahawks faithful.

“It is hard to believe that it was only March 2022 when Matty rang me to ask whether I could help bring National League level hockey back to Hull. We agreed that initially the role was short term due to my personal and business commitments: I was to reach agreements with both HCAL and the National League. Neither task proved simple but once accomplished, we planned to start the club in September 2023. Even that seemed breakneck speed but events conspired and a new – almost insane deadline of September 2022 was imposed on us. The challenge to establish a team in the National League in such a short timeframe was daunting. A GM was required and I agreed to step up in the interim.
It is my belief that this club needs stable ownership in order to deliver longevity. I also want to see restoration of the traditions that the club has lost through its many iterations. We are not there yet because it is a work in progress but we will be. Sadly though, it will not be with me as GM.
When to hand over the reins is never a precise science but now is the right time for me. I stress that this is a collective decision that all three of the management team agreed upon.
On a personal level, I am proud of what has been achieved in such an acute period of time. To be part of the rebirth of the Seahawks and give back to a cause I have dearly loved for so long is a privilege. So I will take my place in the stands and cheer on the team as I have done since the first Seahawks game in 1988. Thank you to you all and never stop loving the Hull Seahawks.”

We are extremely grateful to Ian for everything he has done for ice hockey in Hull and we look forward to seeing you back in the Hull Ice Arena very soon.