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Hull Seahawks today welcomed their latest two signings: Jordan McLaughlin and Curtis Warburton.

These two players will contest the netminder position for the Seahawks. Both have Elite League experience and are looking to move permanently to the Elite. They have the capability to do so but for game-time they are keen to join an NIHL side. Such is the EIHL interest in the netminders that Sheffield Steelers have signed a two-way agreement to train and play them. They have call on the players but in a way that does not disrupt the Seahawk’s ambitions.

Hull GM Sport, Matty Davies, is excited about these signings. ‘Jordan is 22 and has NIHL, SNL, NIHL1 and EIHL experience having been between the pipes for Edinburgh and latterly Glasgow Clan. He will make an instant impact in the National League and I expect him to be up there with any other netminder in the league. Curtis is 20 and has played NIHL and EIHL. He is young, still developing as a player but his talent is showing through already. He is not just a great prospect but a netminder I know can step into the NIHL with no difficulty and will perform. He already has game experience under his belt so I see him stepping up this year to a whole new level.’

Both players will be with Hull for games unless needed by the Steelers. It has been agreed that if a player is required to start a game with Sheffield, the Steelers will have the choice of either. If the player is required to back up for Sheffield, Hull will have the choice of which player goes.

Matty Davies has been in talks with Jordan for several months. ‘I played with him in Leeds where he put up stats of 90.9%. Once we formed the Seahawks, I knew that the netminder position was crucial. Hull fans have always enjoyed special relationships with their goalies, going as far back as Stevie Yorston. This position is pivotal to our success and it has been a careful choice. I looked at some NIHL options but once Jordan showed interest in signing for us, I did not hesitate. These two players are going to impress the Hull fans and they both have a great part to play in our plans for the new season.’

Matty also thinks the agreement will work for all parties. ‘We worked hard on the detail of the two-way. This works very well for us. Both lads will receive training support from the Steelers and this will accelerate their development at a fast rate. Game-time with us can only sharpen their skills. I anticipate that most of the time we will have both netminders to call upon but we will always have one or the other on match nights. I need our young aspiring goalies, who we will trial on 16th June, to know that this deal allows us to recruit and nurture their careers too. I have scouted several younger goalies in our region and I am excited about these lads. To gain one netminder with EIHL experience is unbelievable but we now have two who I think will make an instant impact in the NIHL. And remember that Hull was an important junction in Ben Bowns career path! I wonder what happened to him?’

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