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Keyo Training Agree Two-Year Warmup Jersey Deal

The Hull Reckitt Seahawks are delighted to confirm that Keyo Training have agreed a two-year extension to be the Warmup Jersey Sponsor for the 2024/25 & 2025/26 season.

Keyo Training have played a huge part in the rise of the Seahawks since day one having been the Warmup jersey sponsor since the very beginning with not just one but two incredible jerseys year after year. This season we’re opening up to the younger generation of supporters to design the 2024/25 season warmup jersey which has now gone live via the Seahawks social media channels and within the schools community programme upon their return next week.

Managing Director of Keyo Training, Carl Ramskill, had the following to say “After enjoying another successful year supporting Hull Seahawks, we are proud to announce that Keyo Training will be the official sponsors of the Hull Seahawks warm-up jerseys for the next 2 seasons.  We are all looking forward seeing the team back out on the ice.”

Commercial Manager for the Hull Seahawks, Callum Gladding followed up with “Carl and Gary have been incredible since the forming of the Seahawks and their commitment to agree for another two years is fantastic for the club. They’re both a pleasure to work with and always try to support additionally when are able to with the player sponsoring of Bobby Young/Owen Sobchak last season and are adding a Rink Board to their package for the upcoming season near the home players entrance. We’re all looking forward to deciding the Warmup jersey winner and also welcoming them back to the arena in September too for what promises to be a very exciting season!

Keyo Training is a UK based training company that has over 50 years experience within the forklift truck industry. As of 2020, Keyo Agricultural Services have branched into the training and certification for forklift operators. As a company we have invested heavily in training and the training centre. With a strong focus on the agricultural and transport industries, we are able to offer a variety of different courses at Keyo Training.

Priding ourselves on quality and high standards, our approach to training is reflected in this. All our instructors are up to date with the latest qualifications and practices. As a result, we are able to ensure that candidates receive the best training experience possible and to feel confident in their abilities to complete the job to the highest standards.

Within the first aid training we complete all training in a relaxed and easy manner. Using skills base first aid as our provider we ensure that the focus is on confidence and not on testing. As standard all first aid courses have defibrillator training in-built into the content. Due to the increasing number of defibrillators available in the community and workplace, it’s vital we ensure that candidates are confident in the application and use of such devices. Again, as standard all first aid courses cover child and baby first aid.

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