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Corporate Partner: Great Newsome Brewery

Great Newsome Brewery will be the official man-of-the-match sponsors for the Hull Seahawks’ 2022/23 season. This is a highly respected local brewery and we are excited to see them support our club.

Throughout the season, Great Newsome will be creating offers for Seahawk’s fans to purchase beers through their website and we are also working on a special edition Seahawk beer.

Community Partner: ABP

The recruitment of ABP represents a milestone in local ice hockey history. We have spent many weeks creating a Community Plan that will see the club integrate with the local community to develop relationships with schools and special interest groups. In addition, our player academy for young players also falls under this banner. Already we are supporting our academy players with opportunities for employment, health and fitness instruction and of course sports tuition. We want this to be a club that young players and their families will aspire to join.

Contact has been made with several local special interest groups to assess how we may support them through visits, promotion and match night experiences. The schools programme will also commence after the season starts.

The Community Plan is a long-term project for the Seahawks and the funding and support provided by ABP is invaluable. We need more companies to partners with us in order to roll out a more expansive programme and for further details as to how you can help, please contact the club at

If you are a special interest group or a school that would like to benefit from our programme, please contact the club on the email address above.