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Hull Seahawks are proud to be associated with local businesses that have committed to a corporate partnership for the 2022/23 season.

Hy-Genie offer residential and commercial cleaning hire solutions. They are new-to-the sport partners but have a long history of supporting Hull ice hockey right back to the Humberside Seahawks days.  Managing Director, Mark Sturdy recalls those days fondly.  ‘I have played the game and just love it.  I believe that we were the first sponsors to sign up for Hull Seahawks and are proud of that fact.  We have been working with Ian (Mowforth, GM Commercial) for many weeks now and have found opportunities that will help our business grow and which will assist the Seahawks by providing employment for players that need it.  It’s rare you get sponsorship deals where the recipient is actually looking to give back.’

Acklams Coaches are a well-known travel firm who have a close association with ice hockey in Hull spanning many years.  They will be Hull Seahawks travel and transport partners for the 2022/23 season.

‘The needs of sports teams are not something most coach firms can cope with so we need to be confident in our transport providers and I did not hesitate in appointing Acklams,’ stated Ian Mowforth GM Commercial.  In a season where the team will travel even longer distances than usual it is essential that they arrive fresh for the game and relaxed when they arrive home.  ‘Acklams coaches are luxurious and we have placed the player’s needs at the heart of our choice to use larger coaches.  In turn, Acklams are sponsoring us as our Travel Partners and I am looking forward to working with them throughout the year.’

East Yorkshire Security Ltd have previously sponsored ice hockey in Hull and Ian is delighted to welcome back old friends.  ‘We never take for granted that former sponsors will sign up again.  East Yorkshire Security Ltd did not hesitate to support us and we owe them a very big “Thank you”.  In line with our ethos to create business partnerships, we referred them to a client straight away!  So we talk-the-talk and walk-the-walk, demonstrating our commitment to partnerships where both parties benefit.’

Carrying on the White Rose theme, Hull Seahawks have secured a partnership with The Yorkshire Maintenance Company (Hull) Ltd for the 2022/23 season.  Shaun Fisher was instrumental in getting the deal over the line and he is looking forward to seeing his son, Jordan, return to the ice in Hull.  Ian commented, ‘I am very happy so see an old friend – OK Shaun, not so old – return to the rink.  We have enjoyed some great games together in F Block and I am really pleased to see The Yorkshire Maintenance Company (Hull) Ltd associated with our new club.  Thanks Shaun and to everyone in the company.’

Sponsorship packages have been very popular and shirt-based sponsorship is nearly closed.  We have extended the availability of remaining shirt-based packages until 21/07/2022.  But we have many more packages available beyond that date such as media, travel, vehicle partners as well as match night experience packages.  For details please email