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Turpin Accounting Services have signed up to partner with Hull Seahawks for their first season. It is an established bookkeeping and accounts service, tried and tested by companies throughout the Hull and East Yorkshire region. They pride themselves on providing accurate and timely financial support.

Turpins are keen hockey fans and Bel Turpin has agreed to be an ambassador for the club to help promote it among local businesses. ‘Bel has great commercial connections in the region and an impressive following across social media. We are lucky to have her in our team and I am looking forward to her promoting our club to a young and enthusiastic audience in order to grow our fan base.’

Already Turpins are seeing the benefits of a partnership as opposed to traditional sponsorship. They will be managing the Hull Seahawks bookkeeping and have had a new business client referred to them.

MWJ Trophies / Trophy Supermarket Ltd have signed up for the 2022/23 season having had a close association with ice hockey and ice dance. They are specialists in designing and producing trophies for sports, hobby and corporate purposes. ‘I have enjoyed a close relationship with Mike Gibbins since the Hull Seahawks was launched,’ commented Ian Mowforth. ‘He has been amazingly supportive with advice as well as the financial commitment his business has made. He has offered solutions to quite a number of issues we have faced and I hope that his support will be there for years to come.’

Another new sponsor, Compass Distribution has a long history of supporting ice hockey through commercial sponsorship with Sheffield Steelers, Sheffield Steeldogs and Leeds Chiefs/Knights. They were attracted to the Hull Seahawk’s notion of a partnership as opposed to traditional sponsorship. Compass will be distributing leaflets in the Hull area to promote the club as well as attracting potential sponsors from outside the immediate area. ‘Alan at Compass is definitely an “ideas-person” and after just one meeting my head was swimming with the various plans he has to promote us,’ stated Ian. ‘I like the fact that he thinks outside-the-box rather than accept the norm. That perfectly suits our approach to business partnerships.’

Joe Lamplough, Hull Seahawks GM Corporate, is particularly pleased to welcome on board J H Shouksmiths & Sons Ltd as business partners. ‘We can’t afford to simply look within the Hull area for business partners. That’s why I am driving the commitment to connect with businesses further afield. Of course, we’ll always support local businesses and Hull Seahawks have already demonstrated this with the various suppliers we’ve appointed. But it is a big world out there and the business model we have developed is to be expansive in our outlook.’ Shouksmiths is the first business outside the Humber area to be signed by the Seahawks and it demonstrates their commitment to expanding the brand. ‘We’ve already attracted partners from Lincolnshire and this demonstrates our wider connections which are essential for the club’s growth and stability,’ added Joe.

Shouksmiths are based were Established in York in 1820. It is a seventh generation business employing 70 people. They offer a full range of mechanical and electrical design and installation services for a wide range of clients in the public and private sector. In addition to this, they also offer maintenance, refrigeration and specialist contract services.

Sponsorship packages have been very popular and shirt-based sponsorship is nearly closed. We have extended the availability of remaining shirt-based packages until 21/07/2022. But we have many more packages available beyond that date such as media, travel, vehicle partners as well as match night experience packages. For details please email