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In what is now becoming an impressive array corporate partners, Hull Seahawks have made two more valuable additions: Hull University Health, Injury and Performance Hub and Connect Car Finance as well as a number of commercial player sponsors.

Hull University HIP-hub

The partnership with Hull University is the first of several that Ian Mowforth, GM Commercial, is hoping to attract from the education arena.  HIP Hub are supplying consumables to the Hull Seahawks Sports Medicine Team.  This team brings a depth of knowledge and skills that is the equal of any in the sport and it will headed by Assistant Coach, Chris Wilcox.  HIP-hub are also the Player Sponsor for Chris.

‘When we started on our mission to bring the Seahawks back to Hull, Matt and I were adamant that player health and welfare was a priority.  That is why we brought Chris’s team into the fold.  We have ensured that all of our players and staff receive sports medical support and physiotherapy from a first rate university team.  It is particularly important for the academy players who are just entering the sport and it formed part of our pledge to their parents that they would be supported both on and off the ice.’

Joanna Snook is the Sports Rehabilitation Manager for Hull University.  Responding to the new partnership agreement she commented, ‘We look forward to supporting the Hull Seahawks players through the upcoming season!  The Health, Injury and Performance Hub (HIP-hub) at the University of Hull is a student-led Sport Rehabilitation clinic.  Under supervision, students will lead the process of assessment, diagnosis, treatment and exercise rehabilitation to get you back to full working order.  Utilising our private consultation rooms and state of the art rehabilitation suite, we use evidence-based practice to ensure safe and effective injury management.’

Connected Car Finance

‘I am buzzing that Connected Car Finance are partnering with us,’ commented Joe Lamplough, GM Business for Hull Seahawks.  ‘I have a great relationship with them through my company, ProSports Cars.  One of the aspects of this commercial partnership is that we have demonstrated again that as a company, Hull Seahawks Ltd are looking further afield for quality commercial partners.  At the recent fans forum, we were asked whether we considered looking outside Hull for partners.  Well, yes we are!  We now have commercial partnerships from Lincolnshire, York and across the Pennines.’

Connected Car Finance are sponsoring Hull Seahawk’s player’s tracksuits and travel apparel.  ‘I have been a professional sportsperson and I know how good you feel when a club values you.  We have supplied all of our players with smart tracksuits to wear on match nights, comfortable clothing for when they’re traveling and very distinct gym wear.’

Away From Home Travel

Craig Summerill is the MD of Away From Home Travel.  His company specialises in travel solutions for sports clubs and fans.  This season they are sponsoring one of our rising stars, Dec Jones.

‘I have been a fan of ice hockey for years, Scotty Morrison (a former Humberside Seahawks and Hawks legend) is one of my favourite players.  I am excited to be part of a player sponsor this season and I am particularly happy to be supporting the Hull Seahawks Academy by sponsoring Dec Jones.’

Conceptus UK Ltd

Conceptus UK Ltd have previously supported Jamie Chilcott as a player sponsor and have taken the opportunity again to support this popular local player.  MD, Mike Wilson, is keen to see that individual players are supported through sponsorship and he wishes the club well ahead of its inaugural season.

Canopy Drones

Providing specialist drone services across the local area, UK and Europe, Canopy Drones is at the forefront of emerging technology. From aerial surveys, to thermal imaging and asset management, there is a role in most businesses for drones.
Canopy Drones is delighted to sponsor Hull star player, Andrej Themar.

Sweetdays UK

Sweetdays UK specialise in supplying sweet gifts and this season have sponsored the Hull Seahawks mascot.  They will supply packets of sweets for distribution at all home games.  Please take a look at Sweetdays’ website below and watch out for special offers in the Hull Seahawks digital match programme.

Tiger Inn (Cottingham)

One of Cottingham’s most popular bars have chosen to sponsor Hull fan’s favourite and local boy, Dec Balmer.  Jason Herringshaw of the Tiger Inn has already noticed plenty of customer support for his move and he cannot wait to see his sponsored shirt taking pride of place on the walls of his pub.