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This is your chance to own and piece of history: the first ever Hull Seahawks jerseys.

How it works

It is simple:

  • we will either auction or announce a ‘pay now’ price for each player’s jerseys (black or white)
  • you purchase your favourite players jersey (black or white)
  • tell us what you want printed on the back and ‘loan’ it back to the player of your choice

Regular season jerseys

Your chosen player will wear the jersey in league games (excluding special challenge/cup/playoff games or when special occasion shirts are worn) until a date in the season when you will be presented with the game-worn jersey (or you can choose to have it posted at a cost of £7.50).

Other details

You can have your name or a friends/family members name on the shirt.  You can even commemorate a loved one by having their name on there (number of characters is limited though).

If a player is selected for the ‘shirt-off-his-back’ raffle, he will receive a new shirt for that night only and then wear yours for the remainder of the season (excluding special challenge/cup/playoff games or when special occasion shirts are worn)

Your name will be listed on our website as a sponsor.

How do I bid or purchase

Watch our social media for announcements or check our own-and-load grid on our website (Sponsors tab):

  • If it is an auction, email your bid as follows: Players name: Bid: £ Black or White:
  • If it is a buy now price simply state Players name: Black or White:
  • We will announce the bids as they increase, over social media and for ‘buy now’ we will simply insert your name straight away on the grid once payment is made


The lucky bidders/purchasers will receive an email to guide them through the payment process and a set date for payment to reach us (this will be via BACS until further notice).  If payment is not received on time, the shirts will go back on sale without notice.

Please note that if a player leaves or is injured an unable to play during the season, we cannot refund the cost of the own and loan.

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