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Sponsor a Player

This is an exciting opportunity to sponsor a Hull Seahawks player of your choice.  As the sole sponsor of a Hull Seahawks player for the entire 2022/23 season, you will receive:

  • Mention of you/your company name by the match night announcer whenever your player scores or receives a penalty
  • Your logo or name on the league shirt (not on limited edition special occasion, playoff or cup jerseys) worn by the player throughout the season and this will feature on all media/streaming images
  • A replica shirt of the player (or game-worn shirt if available)
  • Your logo/name will feature on our roster page next to the player’s profile


How do I become a sponsor?

Check our roster page to see which players are available.  Packages start at £500 and increase to as much as £1,500 for headline players.

Simply email ( or PM the club on social media with the following:

  • email should be headed ‘Sponsor a player’
  • state which player you are wanting to sponsor
  • your offer in £.

We will email you if your offer is accepted.

Please note that player sponsorship sales will close on or about 21/07/2022