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Elodie’s Story

Elodie’s arrival into the world came seven weeks premature in 2021, and she endured the toughest of starts to life as a result of medical negligence during pregnancy. Born with a severe brain injury, little Elodie has since been diagnosed with numerous medical conditions including cerebral palsy, cerebral vision impairment and epilepsy as well as a hearing impairment.

Since her birth, Elodie’s family has repeatedly requested support from the NHS for her conditions along with equipment to help with her day-to-day care and development. Sadly, these requests have largely been unsuccessful which has provided a huge source of frustration. Elodie’s Wish was created by her family as they realised that, although there have been incredible advances in modern medicine and technology to aid many of the conditions listed above, the potential for children like Elodie to progress and develop is severely hampered by the lack of availability of those medical and technological advancements through the NHS.

Elodie’s Wish hopes to raise funds for treatments such as neurological modulisation, paediatric ophthalmology, physiotherapy, vision therapy and speech and language therapy as well as equipment such as walkers. Our first fundraising target is to get that document into production as well as to buy Elodie a walker that isn’t available in the UK (Canada). the Trexo, is a robotic walker that unlike the static ones available on the NHS uses robotics to move the childs legs, of which the repetition increases stimuli to the brain, using neuroplasticity to create new pathways to help the child begin to learn to walk. These machines are £40,000 plus delivery to the UK. Dr Crawford and Dr Melillo have developed a products Called Neurosolutions it is a red light intensive laser which is used across the head/body to heal the areas that have sustained damage in the brain. This isn’t available in the UK but DR Crawford offers online training and will send the devices over seas, the devices and training costs £15,000. We are also raising money for an innowalker to help keep Elodie’s hips and spine in position as they have started to displace due to the tone in her trunk being low.

Instagram: @elodies_wish