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We had the privilege of welcoming local charity Sight Support to the home of the Hull Seahawks for their game against Sheffield Steeldogs.

Sight Support is a charity local to Hull and East Yorkshire, which provides assistance for people with sight impairments.  Among their many services, the charity provides emotional and physical assistance as well as arranging exercise, sports and social events.

The charity was introduced to Hull Seahawks by Mark Hardy of HyGenie, one of our proudest sponsors.  Mark started to suffer sight impairment in recent years.  He used to play and coach ice hockey in Hull and his love of the sport has brought him back as a fan.  With the support of his loving family he gets to all home games and was the first sponsor to sign up for the new Seahawks.  Despite his impairment, he remains a keen sportsperson and (you will have to ask him how he does it!) he is a renowned golfer, having won many tournaments.

Wayne of Sight Support and a team of assistants were keen to attend a game and the after-match reaction was very much, ‘can we come again.’  We are pleased that everyone who attended had a fabulous time and we hope to be able to host them again in the near future.

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